Ethically Engineered, Sustainably Built

We, as a responsible business, celebrate our success not just with the power of growing each day, but with the power of giving back through KSH CSR and ESG initiatives.

Emphasizing our commitment to sustainability, we are pleased to introduce KSH CSR and ESG goals. Upholding People, Planet, and Profits, we aim for a sustainable future for stakeholders. Despite SEBI's BRSR mandate for top companies, we've voluntarily incorporated ESG metrics with BRSR (Lite), showcasing our corporate responsibility.

Our actions at our Chakan, Pune, and Taloja operations resonate with the UN Global Sustainability Development Principles, signifying our dedication to societal and environmental enhancement. 

We spotlight our environmental, social, and governance milestones, aligning initiatives with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Appreciating our journey, we’re grateful to our stakeholders and look forward to a sustainable future.

KSH CSR and ESG Activities

Following area we have considered so far in KSH CSR and ESG activities for past two Financial Years:

8% renewable energy to total energy consumed

Approx. 4500 KL Rainwater Harvested

53% Wooden Pallets reused

Poona women’s Council for upliftment of needy women and children

66% Wooden Bobbins reused

Customer, Statutory & Compliance Audits

100% Adherence of KSH code of conduct by KSH employees

Transparent grievance Resolution system