Wind Mill Generators

Stator Coils and Specialized Rotor Bars for Utilization in Windmill Generators

Wind energy stands as a renewable energy source that mitigates reliance on fossil fuels, the primary contributors to greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. Windmill generators are positioned to play a pivotal role in promoting sustainable development across major economies worldwide.
KSH International is a trustworthy wires & cables partner for major Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) involved in the windmill sector. Our products are renowned for their reliability and precision, meeting the stringent demands of this particular application.
KSH International is leading manufacturer of stator coils and specialized rotor bars designed for utilization in windmill generators.
Made In India, Made for The World

Robust Systems and Process

With a focus on quality and customer service KSH International has been the preferred supplier among major OEMs and has registered consistent growth both in the Indian as well as export markets. For a growing and dynamic Company like ours, our endeavour is to have robust and reliable systems which can adopt to changing regulatory and business needs. Our processes emphasise on managing risks while ensuring integrity and accuracy of company information.
Amod Joshi, CFO

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