Turbo & Hydro Generators

Winding Wires for Turbo & Hydro Generators by KSH International

Turbo generators essentially consist of turbines linked to electric generators for the production of electricity. These generators are categorized into three types based on the power source: Steam, Gas, or Hydro.
Enamelled rectangular copper conductors are used in the construction of Turbo generators.
KSH International is a trusted manufacturer for winding wires used in Turbo generators considering that KSH International has been manufacturing such products right from the year 2002 at its Chakan – Pune facility.
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We are always looking for opportunities for constant innovation and continuous improvements in our processes as well as infrastructure. Our goal is to benchmark with the best globally in the industry and achieve technological leadership. Our strength lies in our vast & rich experience, ability to learn & adopt quickly and most importantly our dedicated team.
Ganesh Prasad – Director Technology

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