Motors and Pumps

Enamelled Round Winding Wires for Motors & Pumping Sets

Motors and Pumps are extensively used in Chemical Industries, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceuticals, Heavy duty smoke / dust extraction system, etc. Enamelled Round winding wires are at the heart of all rotating machines (motors). KSH International entered this market segment in 2019 and quickly earned significant approval for its winding wires from leading Original Equipment Manufacturers.
KSH International possesses a substantial installed capacity for enamelled round winding wires and is also expanding rapidly.

The size spectrum for copper enamelled winding wires spans from 0.2mm to 4.1mm, while for aluminium enamelled winding wires, it ranges from 0.3mm to 2mm.
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Focus on Continuous Improvements

We are always looking for opportunities for constant innovation and continuous improvements in our processes as well as infrastructure. Our goal is to benchmark with the best globally in the industry and achieve technological leadership. Our strength lies in our vast & rich experience, ability to learn & adopt quickly and most importantly our dedicated team.
Ganesh Prasad – Director Technology

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