Electric Vehicles

KSH International Plant Is Certified According to IATF 16949 Standard, A Prerequisite for Supplying to Any Automotive Application

Electric Vehicles foster clean transportation, reducing emissions and improving air quality. Driving an electric vehicle can help us reduce our carbon footprint because there will be zero tailpipe emissions. Additionally, selecting renewable energy sources for charging further lessens the environmental impact of our vehicles.

KSH International has achieved IATF 16949 certification, a mandatory requirement for supplying to any automotive application.
KSH International has made substantial investments in manufacturing and testing facilities to guarantee the production of world-class products for automotive applications. Currently, KSH International supplies to numerous automotive companies in India, including applications for Electric Vehicle (EV) traction motors.
Made In India, Made for The World

Robust Systems and Process

With a focus on quality and customer service KSH International has been the preferred supplier among major OEMs and has registered consistent growth both in the Indian as well as export markets. For a growing and dynamic Company like ours, our endeavour is to have robust and reliable systems which can adopt to changing regulatory and business needs. Our processes emphasise on managing risks while ensuring integrity and accuracy of company information.
Amod Joshi, CFO

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