Enamelled Round Winding Wires for Alternator in Genset Manufacturing

Winding wires for alternator
The generator alternator works on the principle of electromagnetic induction. When in the presence of a magnetic field an electrical conductor such as a wire containing electric charges is moved, it results in a voltage difference between the two ends of the electrical conductor which causes the movement of electric charges through the wire, thereby generating electricity.

KSH International has positioned itself as a key supplier of its enamelled round winding wires for alternator to multiple leading OEMs in India, particularly those prominent in medium to high power alternator manufacturers.

KSH International possesses a substantial installed capacity for enamelled round winding wires and is also rapidly expanding.
Made In India, Made for The World

Robust Systems and Process

With a focus on quality and customer service KSH International has been the preferred supplier among major OEMs and has registered consistent growth both in the Indian as well as export markets. For a growing and dynamic Company like ours, our endeavour is to have robust and reliable systems which can adopt to changing regulatory and business needs. Our processes emphasise on managing risks while ensuring integrity and accuracy of company information.
Amod Joshi, CFO

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