Specialty Products

Speciality Products
KSH International offers a range of value-added Specialty products for specific needs of customers. We provide twin, triple and upto six conductors bunch magnet winding wire for power transformers, CTC with Epoxy Lite® coating, combinations of enamel and Nomex® among others.


CTC offer decisive advantages in the design of transformers, compared to the conventional paper-insulated rectangular wires:

  • Greater electric efficiency from minimized load losses
  • Improved cooling from efficient heat dissipation
  • Reduced winding time for increased productivity in transformers
  • Improved mechanical strength of the windings due to composite construction
  • Lower cost due to reduced raw material usage
  • Reduced transformer size thereby reducing overall cost

Typical Applications

  • Oil Filled Power Transformers
  • HVDC Transformers
  • Large Distribution Transformers
  • 765 KV EHV Transformers and Reactors
  • 1200 KV EHV Transformers
Made In India, Made for The World

Ethically Engineered, Sustainably Built

With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we extend our services to clients across the globe, ensuring the highest levels of quality and efficiency. Our dedication to delivering exceptional solutions transcends geographical boundaries, as we prioritize meeting and exceeding client expectations in every corner of the world.
Sandesh Bhagwat, CEO

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