Enamelled Round Winding Wires

KSH International manufactures Enamelled Round Winding Wires made of Copper and Aluminium using high-quality Electrolytic grade Copper and Aluminium rods that are drawn through special die series and high-speed enamelling machines.

Different types of enamels are used, from thermal class 120 ℃ to 240 ℃ like Polyvinyl Acetal, Modified Polyester, Polyester-imide, Polyamide-imide, Aromatic Polyimide, Polyurethane, Corona resistance wire for various applications.

Our Enamelled Round Winding wires are used for winding coils in various applications like;
Electrical Rotating Machines: Motors, Inverter Driven Motors, Traction Motors, Alternators, Generators and Pumps
Electric Vehicle: EV traction Motors
Automotive: Motors for Auto Electrical components like, Starter motor, ABS motor, EPS motor, wiper motor, Power window motor, Alternator, Air Circulating Fans and Dynamos
Hermetic Sealed Motors: Refrigerator and Cooling System
Alternators: AC Generators
Home Appliances: Power Hand Tools, BLDC Fans, etc.

Our products are also used in Static Electric Machines like Energy Meters and Switchgears for Magnet Coils, CT, PT, Ballasts, Instrument Transformers, Dry Type Transformers, etc.

Our products comprises of Polyester Wire, Dual Coat (Self Lubricating) Wire, Hermetic Wire, Self-Solderable Wire, , Self-Bonding wire, Corona Resistance Wire & IEC 60317-46 wire suitable for high speed auto winding machine as well as manual winding.
We provide wires in various sizes, grades and specifications conforming to IS 13730, IEC 60317, NEMA MW, JIS C3202, relevant National / International / Customized standards to meet the varied application needs of our customers. We also offer wires in various packaging options and as per the specifications required by customers.

Typical Applications

  • EV Traction Motors
  • Auto Electricals
  • Motors
  • Hermetic Compressors
  • Home Appliances
  • Alternators / AC Generators
  • Auto Electricals / Electric Vehicle
  • Switchgear
Made In India, Made for The World

Focus on Continuous Improvements

We are always looking for opportunities for constant innovation and continuous improvements in our processes as well as infrastructure. Our goal is to benchmark with the best globally in the industry and achieve technological leadership. Our strength lies in our vast & rich experience, ability to learn & adopt quickly and most importantly our dedicated team.
Ganesh Prasad – Director Technology

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