Enamelled Rectangular Copper

KSH International manufactures a wide range of enamelled copper wires using high-quality copper rods that are extruded or drawn through dies of special size and are further coated with enamel. Our range of enamelled copper wires comprises Polyvinyl Acetal Enamel, Polyester Enamel, Polyesterimide, Dual Coated Polyester + Polyesterimide wires to name a few.

Our Enamelled Rectangular Wires are used for winding coils for DC and AC motors, Transformers, Generators, Welding Machines and other applications.

We provide wires in various sizes, grades and specifications to meet the varied application needs of our customers. We also offer Wrapped Rectangular Magnet Winding Wires in various packaging options and as per the specifications required by customers.

Typical Applications

  • Traction Motors (EV)
  • Electric Motors
  • Generators
  • Transformers
  • AC Coils
  • DC Coils
Made In India, Made for The World

World Class Products and Services

KSH International pioneered the indigenisation of Continuously Transposed Conductor (CTC) in India way back in 2006. Since then we have made a significant contribution to the Indian Power Transmission and Distribution sector. Even though we are already the No.1 Indian exporter of CTC we still have a huge potential to grow the business in the export markets. We are confident that we can “Make in India” and “Make for the World”.
Sandeep Sharma , Sr. VP- Sales & Marketing

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