Typical Applications

Oil Filled Power and Distribution Transformers

High Voltage Motors and Generators

765 KV Transformers and Reactors

1200 KV Transformers

Traction Transformers

Dry Type Transformers

Resin Cast Transformers

Wind Mill Generators

Wrapped Rectangular Copper/Aluminium

KSH International provides a wide range of Paper Insulated Covered Conductors (PICC) in rectangular shape, both in copper and aluminium. Our conductors are manufactured from the highest quality raw material using cutting-edge technology and find applications across the electrical and electronic industries.

Paper Insulated Rectangular Wires are the primary conductors used in winding coils of transformers, high voltage motors, generators and other equipment.

We use international grade insulating paper and employ methods of insulation as per customer specific requirements. We supply wires using a variety of insulating papers such as Polyester Tape, Thermokraft paper, Thermally upgraded paper, Crepe paper, Nomex®, Mica and High Density Microcrepe paper as specified by the customer.