Typical Applications

Oil Filled Power Transformers

HVDC Transformers

Large Distribution Transformers

765 KV EHV Transformers and Reactors

1200 KV EHV Transformers

Continuously Transposed Cables

KSH International manufacturers a wide range of Continuously Transposed Cables (CTC), specifically designed for power transformers. Our products help improve efficiency and enhance transformer performance.

Assembled from a number of rectangular, film insulated conductors and wrapped with layers of insulating paper, our CTC are arranged from several insulated wires with a rectangular cross-section, in two stacks laid side by side.


CTC offer decisive advantages in the design of transformers, compared to the conventional paper-insulated rectangular wires:

  • Greater electric efficiency from minimized load losses
  • Improved cooling from efficient heat dissipation
  • Reduced winding time for increased productivity in transformers
  • Improved mechanical strength of the windings due to composite construction
  • Lower cost due to reduced raw material usage
  • Reduced transformer size thereby reducing overall cost